It’s a truism that the only constant is change. But when change management goes wrong, it undermines more than just your change initiatives. Ineffective change leadership drives toxic cultures, fractured teams, and rigid divides between management and staff. It harms employee wellbeing, and it’s often at the core of harassment complaints.

Expanding on the standard change management playbook, This session will examine change leadership through the lens of workplace culture and team dynamics to offer practical strategies to preserve healthy cultures through change.

Join us in this informative and interactive session to discuss:

  • the connection between ineffective change leadership and harassment,
  • dysfunctional teams and psychological health and safety
  • using proven ethical leadership practices to avoid these pitfalls
  • preserving healthy cultures and repairing team dysfunction even in the midst of change.

The session will be delivered by Brian Gottheil and Natasha Savoline of Bernardi Human Resource Law.

Leading the Way: Effective and Ethical Change Leadership and Psychological Health and Safety

  • Wednesday Nov 29 2023, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • webinar